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Thune concluded the hearing by noting that the bogus calls aren't just annoying, they have public safety consequences as well. “We need to take both those things seriously, for the simple and profound reason that all lives matter,” he added.

Through Oct. 1. Printed Matter; 231 11th Avenue, Manhattan; 212-925-0325, printedmatter.org. The run time for the film is a whopping three hours and one minute, making it the longest Marvel movie to date. Some theaters are even offering intermission. Here’s what you need to know — in two minutes.

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Improving your solving is a lot like that, at least when it comes to leaping from the Mini Crossword to the Mondays, or from the early week, straightforward puzzles to the trickier late week ones. I hear so many people say “I’m a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday solver. But I can’t do the Thursdays.” In interviews, journalists were more raw.

The current College Football Playoff rankings look like this: “It’s really wrong to be permanently putting people on these lists,” said Vincent Schiraldi, an expert on probation at Columbia University. “It’s very racially divisive. It makes people in communities of color feel like they never have a chance to be viewed as equals.”

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Log InMicrosoft included sensors near the nose ridge of HoloLens 2, pointed at your eyes. The technology is used to log you in to the device, saving your individual settings in case you share the headset with a coworker or friend. None of those efforts have worked; the president’s talk about shutting down all immigration — legal and illegal — has actually spurred smugglers to advertise by claiming that now is the time to try to enter the United States.