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The president said he would clarify his decision on Monday. “We use our stories to talk to the people and not to their spreadsheets,” Ms. Reynolds told me this week.

DENIS In terms of writing a script, I have to figure out moments, and if I see a moment that is fulfilled, I think, now I can start writing because at least I have this moment, and I know this moment will be a sort of sample of what the film should be made of. Tyrannosaurs weren’t always tyrants. For millions of years, the ancestors of the regal T. rex were relegated to second-class predator status while a different dinosaur dynasty ruled over what is now North America: towering allosaurs.

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The following day, Mr. Schiff opened a congressional hearing with a characterization of the transcript. He did not claim to be reciting from the White House transcript, but said he was conferring “the essence” of the conversation, “shorn of its rambling character and in not so many words.” View this recipe in your weekly plan.

And Finally ...Although Stanford’s nickname is “the farm,” Silicon Valley isn’t exactly known as an agricultural wonderland — at least, not anymore. In 14 framed panels, she collected more than 300 postcards showing sea waves crashing onto British shores — her homage to the artists who painted the pictures. In spirit, it is linked to “Monument,” a work from 1980 and 1981, in which she photographed 41 memorial plaques to local heroes that she had found in a park in London. She arranged the photographs in a diamond shape on a gallery wall; in front of the photographs she placed a park bench where visitors could put on headphones to listen to an audiocassette recording of Ms. Hiller speaking about memory and identity.

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Log InEvery family history includes such stories of survival, of prevailing against great suffering and despair. Perhaps these family histories, small as they might be and utterly invisible to the world, hold the key to facing our larger worries, too, and showing the way through. — One criticism of the plan outlined in the article is that it doesn’t do enough to prevent the stressors that students encounter in everyday life, like high-pressure exams and social media. What are the major stressors in your life? Do you think your school could do anything to prevent them? If so, what?