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Critics of America’s failings are now again being called Communists and socialists and told to leave our country, even though they love this nation no less than those who are telling them to go away. As I hear these echoes of the past, I recall and pray our nation heeds the words of a good man, George McGovern, in his acceptance speech at the 1972 Democratic National Convention: “We reject the view of those who say, ‘America, love it or leave it.’ We reply, ‘Let us change it so we can love it more.’” Why did you want to take this on?

The carapace of fame often conceals insecurity, so I tried to turn the conversation toward her grand influence, but she was like a cactus with spikes protecting her from anyone getting too close, particularly journalists. For years, she put boundaries between herself and the media — she had to in the pre-internet days, when people didn’t have the option of following her online, so they just waited outside her building. “It was like living in a golden prison,” O’Donnell said about Madonna in the ’90s. “There were bodyguards everywhere we went, and people would have no qualms about telling her to her face what they felt about her black hair, and she would usually go, ‘[Expletive] you.’ Nobody can imagine what it’s like to have that much energy coming at you all the time whenever you’re in public.” She added, “She keeps herself grounded by her charity and by her children, and that’s the only way to stay sane in the world of fame.” It was unclear if, under the Pentagon plan, those Kurdish forces would continue to sell some of the oil from the fields, whose output has been severely reduced by Syria’s eight-year war.

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There’s this community now — what are we doing, other than trying to live to fight another day? And hope that through the stories we tell, other people see themselves in it? I was talking to Chloe [Sevigny, a friend and “Russian Doll” guest star], who’s shooting in Italy, and Greta Lee [a “Russian Doll” co-star], who was crying on FaceTime. Uzo [Aduba, her co-star on “Orange Is the New Black”] was flipping out. It’s really, for me, pretty profound and feels, on a human level, deep that we’re all in this thing together. Starting with the 2016 primaries, the Trump campaign reversed the trend. While the more traditionally minded Republican operatives signed on to work for the party’s more traditional candidates, such as Jeb Bush, the Trump campaign found itself reliant on “the outliers, and a lot of them truly believed in digital,” said Zac Moffatt, chief executive of Targeted Victory, a Republican digital strategy firm. “It was a changing of the guard, strategically.”

Dr. Kaplan, in New York, put it another way: “If someone is pursuing psychological evidence-based therapy while meditating with crystals while Mercury is in retrograde, I’m fine with that.” To the Editor:

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Log InSome of the more mundane Siri commands for music include: Japan Railways suspended service throughout the Tokyo region and bullet train service between Tokyo and Osaka and between Osaka and Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu, on Saturday.